Scientists from the University of Cincinnati discovered that father’s diet plays an important role in the baby’s health

We’ve all heard how important a mother’s diet is during pregnancy, and what her diet means for her baby’s health.

The new research shows that the feeding of the man even before the conception of the child has a huge role for the health of the heir in the long term. Scientists from the University of Cincinnati (USA) came to the conclusion that the role of the mother’s diet as the main source of nutrients for the embryo is undeniable during pregnancy. Little known, however, is the fact that the future father’s diet affects the health of the baby, even before conception.

This discovery proves that the influence of the father on the state of the baby extends beyond purely genetically transmitted scars. Scientists at the University of Cincinnati can develop a special diet for men who want to become fathers of healthy children.

This is an addition to the theory of the role of nutrition in human reproductive capacity. Scientists recommend that expectant fathers increase their protein intake while reducing their carbohydrate consumption. It is the balance between these 2 basic types of nutrients that has a major role on the body’s energy balance, and hence on a man’s fertility.

Specialists also add that men who plan to become fathers should have fish, lean meat, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables on the menu. It is necessary to minimize carbohydrates, especially those that come from sweet foods.

In the long term, a similar diet delivers a comprehensive positive effect on a man’s health and leads to the normalization of the hormonal balance, which directly affects spermatogenesis and on sperm viability. It is desirable to observe this diet for at least 3 months before conceiving a baby, the authors of the study add.

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