Scandals and divorces: The fifth season of “The Crown” will be the most controversial yet


The fifth season of “The Crown,” the popular Netflix series that follows the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, will be available to stream on November 9, 2022.

This will be the first season of the series to air following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022.

The brilliant British actress Imelda Staunton plays Elizabeth II in the new season, alongside main cast members Jonathan Pryce, Leslie Manville, Jonny Lee Miller, Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki. All cast members are new to the series – this season marks the second major revamp of the cast, following the ensembles led by Claire Foy in seasons one and two, and Olivia Colman in seasons three and four.


It was recently revealed that the fifth season will feature the infamous Tampongate incident of 1993, when a recording of an intimate conversation between Charles and Camilla (recorded – by a radio amateur, no less) was leaked to the press. In the footage, Charles could be heard telling Camilla he wanted to “live” in her pants and joking that he could be reincarnated as her tampon.

Dominic West, who plays Prince Charles, told the media that he and his co-star Olivia Williams, who took over the role of Camilla, replayed the phone call – and it significantly changed his attitude towards the scandal and he became “extremely sympathetic to both of them and what they’ve been through.”

“It was not the fault of these two, two lovers, who were having a private conversation,” he said.

Controversies started even with the trailer

The Crown follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding in 1947 to the beginning of the 21st century. The fifth season will focus on the early and mid-90s.

To the delight of many fans, the fifth season arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, November 9. On that occasion, a trailer was released, available below, which became the subject of controversy soon after its release.

Legendary actress Judi Dench has accused the famous streaming platform of sensationalism and falsely portraying the story of events in the English royal family. Netflix defended the series, adding in the description of the trailer that it is still a filmed presentation of a story based on real historical events.

Thus, the new season will follow the British royal family through the so-called annus horribilis of the queen. It is about 1992, which was filled with media scandals, and in which three of her four children decided to separate from their partners.

Lady Dee in focus

After Charles and Diana’s divorce, we will likely get a chance to see the development of her relationships with surgeon Hasnat Khan and film producer Dodi Al-Fayed, as well as her infamous Panorama interview. In a legendary interview with the BBC in 1995, the princess admitted that “it was too tight in her marriage”, alluding to her husband’s long-term romance with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Also, photos from the shoot showed that the moment in which the “revenge dress” was created is included in the new season, that is, the first public appearance of the princess that followed the publication of the disputed interview.

It remains an open question whether the fifth season will show the tragic death of the unrepentant Lady Dee. But if we’re going by the fact that Debicki has been hired for the same role in the sixth season, the unraveling of this tragic story could happen only then.


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