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Sarpi County Officials Say Platteview Road Project Moves On

PAPILLON, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Traveling on the two-lane Sarpee County Platteview Road in inclement weather can be a little intimidating.

There are plans to expand two lanes to four, but this work will have to be done gradually.

“The first area we’re looking at goes from Highway 75 to 108th Street,” said Don Kelly of the Sarpi County Board of Commissioners. “The second section will run from 108th Street to Highway 50 to Springfield, and the last section will run from Highway 50 and connect to Interstate 80 at some point.”

Kelly says the road project should go ahead, but he says the county will need state and federal help to deal with the price out of sight.

Several local businesses and county officials are pushing for the expansion of Platteview Road in Sarpy County.

“The reality is that this road is likely to cost half a billion dollars to build, and it’s really beyond the ability to fund a project of this magnitude,” Kelly said.

Major sewer work is underway in the Plattview corridor right now. Kelly believes that once infrastructure work is completed, significant growth and development will follow.

“My concern primarily with Platteview Road is that I want to have the infrastructure ready to support this growth,” he said.

Some work has been done to bring the project to life. Kelly says engineering and environmental analyzes have been carried out and the county is saving space on the route.

“We are taking steps to try to protect the corridor of the proposed route so that when development occurs on it, we can protect the right-of-way for future construction,” he said.

Kelly says she wants to keep the project on everyone’s radar because it could take decades to complete.

When the Platteview expansion is completed, Kelly says, it will mean more jobs for Sarpi County and more tax revenue for the state.

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