Samsung has just released the all-in-one central control hub called Home Hub, easily control your home

The latest device comes in the form of a practical tablet, and is powered by the SmartThings application and artificial intelligence for a personalized and connected user experience at home

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the Samsung Home Hub, a new home device management system with an innovative 8.4-inch tablet screen in the form of an 8.4-inch tablet with a holder. The new Home Hub provides fast access to connected home devices and services in a personalized way, while enhancing connectivity levels as well as deploying artificial intelligence and SmartThings capabilities to automatically create smart home solutions. With Home Hub, the whole family can handle household chores more efficiently with an intuitive interface that anyone can access. For its innovation, Samsung Home Hub won the CES Innovation Award before the fair.

“Samsung Home Hub brings connectivity to a smart home like never before, which makes everyday life easier. “Home Hub provides users with a personalized experience by remembering the preferences and settings of smart home appliances, while the intuitive interface allows each household member to perform homework quickly and efficiently,” said Hyesoon Yang, Vice President and Director of User Experience and Samsung Electronics Home Appliance Sector.

Broad connectivity

The Samsung Home Hub brings features that allow users to not only manage their home appliances in a smart home, but also the daily routines and to-do list of household chores. Home Hub can connect to any device in the SmartThings ecosystem, including Samsung-made smart appliances. Additional connectivity options have been announced with other smart home devices, such as a light control or a door locking system.

Personalized experience

For the first time ever, the Samsung Home Hub takes the form of a user interface that uses artificial intelligence and the SmartThings application to provide unified management of the entire smart home in one practical device such as tablets. The categories of software services provided by SmartThings include solutions for cooking, clothing care, pets, air, energy, etc. Home Care Wizard to care for the whole home. The user can manage the voice command interface using the Bixby voice assistant, where a quality microphone system allows long-distance commands to be given in the home.

For example, the user can use the capabilities of the application during cooking to plan and buy ingredients and prepare meals using the ™ Family Hub service. When it comes time to wash clothes, Home Hub can be connected to the Samsung Bespoke washing machine and dryer to automatically set the washing program, not only depending on the user’s preferences, but also the external conditions. Also, with the help of a smart camera of the robotic vacuum cleaner Bespoke Jet Bot AI +, the user can check what a pet is doing at the moment and with the help of SmartThings services to adjust the conditions in the home as an air conditioner to make his stay more comfortable. Additionally, with the Home Hub, the air conditioning in the home is fully automated according to the continuously analyzed conditions, and the user can optimize the energy consumption thanks to the usage analysis which includes additional energy saving options. What should definitely be noted is the ability of the SmartThings Home Care Wizard service which continuously checks the condition of the household appliances and informs the user about potential defects, the need to replace parts and the steps to be taken.

Sustainability as part of a smart home

As part of CES 2022, Samsung as a company announced the acceleration of the development of sustainable solutions in the field of household appliances. In this regard, Samsung announced cooperation with companies such as the American clothing company Patagonia to reduce the impact of microplastics on the environment, as well as with the company

Q CELLS which resulted in the Zero Energy Home Integration function in the SmartThings application, which enables the management of energy received from solar panels. In addition, Samsung announced an increase in the share of recycled plastics in the production of household appliances from the current 5 to 30% in 2024. In the future, this represents an increase from 25,000 tons of used recycled plastic to 158,000. In addition, Samsung has developed a special polypropylene recycled plastic for the drums of its washing machines, which is much more durable than before, and it has been announced to expand the program of well-known environmentally friendly packaging to other household appliances.

Finally, Samsung announced its affiliation with the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) with other leading manufacturers of smart home solutions, with the goal of promoting interoperability and greater security.

The Samsung Home Hub will be available globally after its official launch in the Korean market in March.

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