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Salt Lake City school bus driver is accused of threatening to shoot students

Salt Lake City, Utah – The allegations that a bus driver in Utah threatened to shoot students on Friday have prompted a police investigation in that state.

According to Lieutenant Zach Robinson of the Saratoga Springs Police Department, the event involved a driver with the Alpine School District. The driver’s identity has been withheld.

Robinson told NBC News on Monday that investigators have spoken to four parents and are looking into if the bus driver made a threat to shoot pupils after the driver missed a stop. Robinson said the investigation is looking into whether the driver missed a stop intentionally.

Additionally, the police are looking into whether or not the motorist was in possession of a firearm. Robinson has stated that the inquiry has not been able to establish that the driver was in possession of a weapon.

According to what he indicated, multiple recordings of the alleged threat were made.

“While we were on the bus, one of the pupils recorded. Robinson mentioned that there are also cameras installed on the school district’s buses.

In a statement released on Monday, the Alpine School District expressed its disapproval of language that could be interpreted as threatening.

According to the statement, the employee is currently on administrative leave while an investigation is being conducted. We firmly oppose any action or language that is threatening and is intended toward other people. We expect all of our workers to maintain an atmosphere that is secure and supportive, free from both verbal and physical aggression. It has been decided to take the necessary steps to ensure that this issue is resolved and that it does not recur.

A video of the purported threat was published online by KUTV in Salt Lake City. Robinson vouched for the genuineness of the video and stated that it was recorded on a student’s device.

On the video, one of the characters can be heard declaring, “If one more person says, ‘Where are we going?’ — I’m going to shoot them.”

The following is then spoken by the voice heard on the video: “Now, listen, I missed the stop. I’m attempting to make a U-turn right now. Do you understand? OK. The movie then concludes with the instruction to “Sit down and be.”

The occurrence that took place on the bus took place at Saratoga Springs, which is located approximately 35 miles south of Salt Lake City.

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