Safety tips for Halloween in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Trick-or-treaters should be on the lookout for more than just ghosts and skeletons on Halloween, as there are other things that could scare them on Monday night.

Sheriff Terry Wagner of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, provided us with some holiday-related safety advice.

Because Halloween typically involves costumes and continued foot activity late into the night, the Sheriff’s Office decided to distribute reflective bags to children in the community.

According to Wagner, “Halloween has one of the greatest incidences of car versus pedestrian accidents involving youngsters.” As a result, we came to the conclusion that it was necessary to try to obtain these in order to make youngsters slightly more noticeable and to prevent any tragedy in Lancaster County.

When exposed to light, the bags emit a brilliant glow and provide helpful hints to children as they travel from house to house collecting candy for Halloween.

While Wagner was reading the bag, he cautioned, “Watch out for automobiles.” “Have your parents have a look at the treats. Stay in areas that have plenty of light. Also, avoid going out by yourself.

In addition, people attending Halloween parties should monitor the amount of alcohol they consume and, if required, make arrangements for a sober driver.

Wagner predicted that there would be a large number of children trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. “Be on the lookout for children when walking around communities. And even along some major thoroughfares at points where they might be crossing those roads.”

Wagner stated that many commercially available costumes already include reflective tape, but in the event that this is not the case, parents should consider making their children’s costumes more visible by using lights. Wagner suggested that parents should always keep an eye on their children.

He stated that the overwhelming majority of individuals have a very decent heart and good intentions when it comes to Halloween. “However, there are those people who don’t. Just remember to keep a close check on your kids. Don’t let your fears get the best of you, but do keep an eye on your kids at all times.

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