Russian scientist claims that singing can help people who have problems with their thyroid gland, based on a study

Doctor Oleg Torsunov advises everyone who has problems with the thyroid gland, especially patients with reduced thyroid function, to help their diseased organ by singing.

He says that the thyroid gland and the entire endocrine system in general are physically connected with human emotions, especially with the emotion of love.

Thyroid disease occurs in people who strongly experience everything that happens to them, who respond to the bad actions of others with a feeling of deep hurt and resentment. Negative emotions remain as if frozen in the body, collect in the thyroid gland and it starts to get sick.

Emotions must be raised. Get rid of accumulated negative emotions by singing. The sound takes them out of the body very easily. Doctor Torsunov says: “Sing.

Singing will loosen the emotional grips in the thyroid gland. Anything wrong with the thyroid gland will go away on its own.

Sing happy songs, no matter what problems you have and what your mood is. Sing with joy and love. Often sing, dance, make others happy, make others happy and you will get well.

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