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roundup of sentences handed down last week in federal court in Omaha, no parole for these sentences

OMAHA, Nebraska – According to reports provided on Monday by acting U.S. Attorney Steven Russell, the following is a recap of the sentences that were handed down in federal court in Omaha over the past week.

The office of the acting United States Attorney in Omaha would like to remind the general public that there is no such thing as parole in the federal system.

On Wednesday, Judge Brian C. Buescher handed down a sentence of 15 years in prison to James Robert Haage, 30, of Omaha, for conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute methamphetamine and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. Haage was charged with both of these offenses. According to the release, Haage was detained by Omaha police after leaving a hotel room that was the subject of an investigation that was being conducted at the time. During the search of a vehicle, the investigators located more than 200 grams of meth. Prior to the inquiry into the hotel, he was detained in December 2020 for allegedly running a stop sign and coming dangerously close to colliding with an OPD vehicle. A data check led to Haage’s arrest after law enforcement discovered that he had outstanding orders for his arrest. According to the reports, they searched his vehicle after observing narcotics paraphernalia in plain view. A loaded revolver, drug paraphernalia, and approximately 84 grams of meth were discovered by the police. During the search of two phones that were taken into custody, authorities allegedly discovered photographs of the firearm alongside selfies taken by Haage.

Judge Brian C. Buescher handed down the 10-year prison term on Wednesday to Fremont resident Trayton Jay Jackson, 25, for possessing methamphetamine with the intent to distribute it. Jackson was stopped for a traffic violation in May of last year as part of an investigation being conducted by the III CORPS Drug Task Force. It was stated that cops observed a vehicle at night that lacked both functional taillights and a license plate on the back of the vehicle. After being identified, according to the officials, he was unable to provide any documents. According to the statement that was released, Jackson stated that he had marijuana and methamphetamine as well as drug paraphernalia in the vehicle that he was driving. During a search that took place in the Fremont Jail, more than 50 grams of meth were discovered on Jackson.

Judge Brian C. Buescher handed down a sentence of more than six years in prison to Alejandro Cazares, 22, of Beach Park, Illinois, on Wednesday for his role in a conspiracy to possess methamphetamine with the purpose to distribute it. An official investigation conducted in conjunction with the Omaha Police Department revealed that in June 2019, a cooperating witness assisted investigators with a drug investigation involving money obtained from suppliers of drugs at an Omaha hotel. It has been stated that video and audio evidence from the police taken in the witness’ hotel room shows that Cazares delivered $600 worth of drug money to the witness. According to the announcement, a further witness was taken into custody a few days later when police discovered them to be in possession of methamphetamine as well as a firearm outside of a hotel. According to the statement, the witness also saw Cazares give the supplier a gun in return for the methamphetamine that he purchased from Cazares. Additionally, the witness saw the supplier get a quarter of a pound of meth from Cazares.

Judge Brian C. Buescher handed down a sentence of more than a year in prison to Darell C. Richards, who is 32 years old, on Wednesday for escaping from federal custody. A company called Dismas Charities, which is not-for-profit and works in conjunction with the United States Marshals Service, conducted an investigation and discovered that Richards left the facility approximately 5 p.m. on that day and did not return in February. According to the statement, Dismas Charities asserts that they offer re-entry programs to federal prisoners in addition to providing a place to reside for these individuals. Early in the month of March, Richards was located and subsequently put into custody. After an earlier conviction for being a felon in possession of a firearm in December 2014, he was reportedly placed in the custody of Dismas Charities in January as part of his federal sentence. This came after he had been found guilty of the charge in December 2014.

After being found guilty of being a felon in possession of ammunition, 39-year-old Eric Saul of Omaha was given a sentence of three years in prison on Wednesday by Judge Brian C. Buescher. As part of an investigation being conducted by the Omaha police department in March 2021, officers went to a convenience store in response to calls of a guy flashing his gun in the air. After being called out of the store toilet by cops, Saul was brought into jail shortly after it was discovered that the weapon in question was a pellet gun. According to the release, he has been convicted of a felony in the past and is not allowed to carry ammunition. It is said that after he was taken into jail, the police discovered bullets in his derriere.

Judge Robert F. Rossiter Jr. handed down the 68-month sentence to Omaha resident Zakk Biggs, 32, on Friday for possessing fentanyl with the intent to distribute at least 40 grams of the drug. On November 21 of the year 2021, DEA agents said that they intercepted a FedEx shipment that included two thousand fentanyl pills. After that, the agents drove to the stated home, delivered the box inside, and arrested Carlos Rios-Alonso, who was said to have accepted the delivery. According to the story, Biggs was the one who was supposed to get the pills in the end. After reportedly arriving to meet with Rios-Alonso, Biggs was taken into custody at a later time.

Judge Robert F. Rossiter Jr. handed down a sentence of 21 months in prison to Omaha resident Cornell Williams, age 50, on Friday for being a convicted criminal in possession of a firearm. Because he failed to register as a sexual offender, Williams was placed on federal probation for a period of time. According to the allegations, Williams fired a handgun from the balcony of his apartment in Omaha on September 4, 2020. After the police arrived, Williams allegedly admitted that he was the one who fired the revolver.

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