Ricky Martin is suing his nephew, claiming false allegations of sexual abuse cost him millions of dollars

According to People magazine, Ricky Martin has filed a lawsuit against his nephew Dennis Sanchez Martin, who has accused him of sexual assault, and is seeking $20 million in damages. The complaint was filed after Dennis Sanchez Martin accused Ricky of sexually abusing him.

This decision was made by the artist a few weeks after Dennis withdrew a sexual assault case against him and a court released a temporary restraining order against him.

Previously, the nephew asserted that he and Ricky had been in a romantic relationship for seven months, and that once the relationship ended, Ricky began stalking and harassing him. The nephew also claimed that Ricky had threatened his life.

The nephew filed a petition for a restraining order, which was in effect until the 21st of July. At a hearing that same day, he wanted to drop the complaint through the representation of a lawyer. The purported reason for his request was that an attempt to negotiate a financial settlement with Martin’s lawyers had been unsuccessful.

Martin claims that his nephew is the one who brought the legal action against the singer because she unfollowed him on social media and disregarded his request to make a profile for the children. After that, the nephew made the singer’s phone number public, which ultimately led to the singer changing his number. After waiting a few months, he eventually initiated legal action for sexual assault.

Ricky Martin’s legal team issued a statement shortly after the lawsuit was dismissed, in which they said, “This has never been more than a case of a troubled person making false claims with no proof to back them up.” We are relieved that our client has had their case heard and may now move on with their lives.

The artist is now suing his nephew and is asking for twenty million dollars in damages as well as compensation for extortion, false charges, and abuse of rights.

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