Research indicates majority of U.S. residents seeking additional jobs due to inflation

As inflation increases the cost of living, the majority of Americans believe they are obliged to look for additional work.

A recent survey conducted by Bluecrew, a workforce service platform, revealed that 69 percent of Americans are actively seeking additional work hours, while 68 percent are reevaluating their existing employment status.

Moreover, 72 percent of Americans believe inflation has affected how they view their employment, and 57 percent say they have sought new or additional tasks in the previous year due to the soaring cost of living since the Biden administration took office in 2021.

Eighty-five percent of Americans stated that soaring prices influence their spending and purchasing patterns.

“Rapid inflation is forcing individuals to examine not only how they spend their money, but also how they earn it,” said Matt Laurinas, chief customer officer at Bluecrew, in an interview with CNBC.

During the pandemic, fewer persons sought employment, but according to the Wall Street Journal, high inflation is driving a rise in labor force participation rates.

Employers may be less inclined to hire ahead of the holiday shopping season due to fears of a recession and declining consumer spending.

According to CNBC, Walmart plans to add 40,000 workers during the holiday season, a significant decrease from the 150,000 retail workers and 20,000 supply chain workers hired the previous year.

The holiday season could be difficult for the 58 percent of respondents who indicated an interest in short-term work. Nevertheless, 65 percent said they would examine opportunities beyond the new year.

Despite the fact that “work/life balance” (56 percent), “schedule/flexibility” (51 percent), and “prioritizing my mental health” (39 percent) were mentioned as priorities when selecting a job, “wages/pay” (57 percent) was viewed as the most important factor.

In September, more than 1,000 American workers from varied backgrounds participated in the poll.


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