Republican governors sending migrants to northern cities is a “political stunt”, New York City Mayor Eric Adams says

New York City, NY –

The relocation of migrants to northern cities by Republican governors, according to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, is a “political stunt” and their “erratic behavior” is difficult to foresee.

Adams was questioned on Tuesday regarding the influx of migrants dispatched to the city and whether he holds the Biden Administration accountable for the current crisis.

The mayor placed full responsibility on Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, describing their actions as “horrific.”

Adams stated, “I believe what we are witnessing in the city is a political gimmick.” “I believed the personification of this political charade was the governor of Florida. He is not involved in any way. I mean, why did he send an entire planeload to Martha’s Vineyard? He simply felt compelled to engage in this heinous conduct, and thus we’re witnessing this political charade.”

Adams stated that the transportation of migrants from Texas border villages was an attempt by Republicans to “overshadow” their actions towards women’s rights and gun proliferation.

“My concern is what is occurring here in New York City and… I believe that they made it. “This is a human-made humanitarian disaster, and it was a political stunt,” Adams added.

“I believe that eight buses arrived the other day. It is difficult to anticipate the unpredictable actions of an unpredictable ruler. Adams stated, “We must be prepared to comply with our legal and moral obligations because we have no idea what he will do next or what he will do in the future.”

According to Adams, there are about 13,000 asylum seekers and migrants in the city.

“This is therefore an unforeseeable manner. I believe that the only fitting comparison for the irregular behavior of COVID is Abbott’s erratic behavior. You cannot predict what they will do.”

Migration flight bound toward Delaware?

Tuesday afternoon, the White House stated that they are working with local officials in Delaware to prepare for allegations that another aircraft of migrants is being flown to Delaware, the home state of Vice President Joe Biden.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated on Tuesday that the administration had received information of the reported flight and was collaborating with state officials and local service providers to “welcome them in an orderly fashion.”

DeSantis flew two planes carrying 48 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week. Over the weekend, Abbott transported other migrants to the Naval Observatory, the Washington residence of Vice President Kamala Harris.

DeSantis stated at a press conference on Tuesday that he was unable to confirm whether migrants were once again being flown out of Texas.

“I cannot confirm that,” said DeSantis.

Additionally, DeSantis accused Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of “releasing prisoners and sending them to the southern border.” The Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the following statement to NBC News: “It is not only ludicrous, but also intended to excuse his actions toward Venezuelan migrants.”


Sheriff Javier Salazar of Bexar County announced on Monday night that he had begun a criminal investigation into last week’s flights to Martha’s Vineyard.

Salazar appeared on CNN on Tuesday afternoon to outline his investigation and how the flights may be linked to criminal activity.

“I disagree with the current method. They are exploiting these individuals as political pawns in an attempt to overrun the destination,” Salazar stated. “I’m currently attempting to discover whether the law was broken in Texas. Specifically in Bexar County, where I serve as sheriff. Currently, we are attempting to determine this.”

Salazar stated that they have received reports that a crime was committed and have a list of possible suspects.

“From what we’ve heard, they believe they were misled when they were moved from Bexar County, Texas, to San Antonio, Texas, where they ultimately ended up. They believe it was accomplished using deceitful tactics. That might be a crime in Texas, and we’ll treat it as such, said Salazar.

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