Remains of two children found in suits bought at auction in New Zealand, how and when they died are not known

The bones of two young children recovered in luggage purchased at auction in New Zealand are likely to have been sealed for years, according to authorities.

She launched a homicide investigation on August 12 after a family from Auckland purchased bags from a warehouse at an online auction. They did not open the baggage until they returned home; after making the startling discovery, they alerted the police. The family had no connection to the bodies, according to the authorities.

Tofilu Famanui Valeu, the attorney general of Auckland, stated that the children were between the ages of five and ten.

The bodies were sealed in two identical-sized suitcases.

I assume the luggage were stored for a period of years, most likely three.”

An investigation is proceeding to ascertain the date, location, and cause of death of the youngsters.

“We have grounds to assume that these children have family members in New Zealand who are uninformed of their demise,” said Valleau.

He would not clarify whether the authorities had contacted the warehouse’s prior owner. In addition to household and personal belongings, the luggage contained both.

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