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“Refuge City” should not protect crime bosses

Here’s a great idea for New York City: San Francisco supervisor Matt Dorsey – a former cop and recovering drug addict – just proposed a “repeal asylum” bill. [city] protection” for any undocumented immigrant involved in the fentanyl trade.

Dorsey’s measure would allow “Frisco police officers to cooperate with federal immigration authorities to deport immigrants convicted of fentanyl trafficking as well as other serious violent crimes.

In San Francisco, as well as here and across the country, progressive district attorneys have less charges for immigrants who are likely to face deportation if found guilty of a criminal offence. The New York City Council even reclassified offenses so as not to provoke criminal offenses subject to deportation.

Additionally, in 2019, the state’s highest court ruled that non-citizens facing deportation should be tried by jury in the city for even minor offenses to prevent “collateral damage” for criminal defendants here illegally.

The result is the protection of gang members as well as major drug and even human traffickers. How is it sane?

The city’s asylum policy began as an attempt to ensure that those whose only crime was that they were here illegally continued to cooperate with law enforcement against against active criminal threats. Somehow it became a license for serious bad guys to evade justice.

Be sure to make sure that a fine for violating traffic rules or even drunk driving does not lead to the deportation of a longtime resident of the city. But don’t let gangsters, drug lords and other monsters claim the same protection.

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