Recent study shows that Texas ranks second on the list of most diverse states in America, California first on the lost

HOUSTON, Texas – A recent survey named the Lone Star State as one of the most varied states in the United States, giving Texans another more reason to be proud of their home state.

Texas was reportedly classified as the second most diverse state in the United States, right after California, which held the top spot.

The research investigated a number of different aspects, including diversity in terms of industry, race, ethnicity, and religion.

In point of fact, Texas was placed first in terms of the diversity of its industries, third in terms of its language diversity, fourth in terms of its racial and ethnic diversity, fifth in terms of the diversity of its household sizes, and sixth, respectively, in terms of its religious diversity.

“Living in a state with a large number of different ethnic and cultural groups is beneficial in many ways. It is essential to have experience in a variety of societies and ways of life “Wallethub spoke with Rashawn Ray, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution who holds a Ph.D. People who engage in it find that it makes them more well-rounded, tolerant, inclusive, and equitable.

“There really are not too many drawbacks of diversity, unless people native to a place are resistive to change and cultural exposure,” Dr. Ray added. “In that case, there really are not too many negatives of diversity.” “This is typically the point at which arguments start, which can make the atmosphere very tense. The majority of persons who move to a new region have the intention of integrating and becoming a part of the community there.”

To view the complete report, which also includes a comparison of how other states fared, click here.

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