Recent study shows that people with 0 blood group are prone to more diseases

People with this blood group are special because they can give blood to other groups but can only receive blood from the same blood group.

But this is not all that makes them different from the rest. They are more prone to some diseases, and they also have some very powerful traits that make them stand out in the population. People with 0 blood group are prone to some diseases like ulcers, thyroid dysfunction, low thyroid hormones and iodine deficiency.

Those dysfunctions can cause unwanted consequences such as excess body weight and water retention. Interestingly, in a job interview in Japan, potential employees are often asked what blood type they are. People with blood type 0 are described as responsible, faithful, organized, aware and practical persons. When they are under stress they can become angry, hyperactive and impulsive.

Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and unhealthy habits, i.e. tendency to stress makes them susceptible to harmful metabolic processes, such as insulin resistance, slowed thyroid gland activity and obesity. Also, people with this blood group have a higher level of stomach acid than other blood groups, which is why they often have a sensitive stomach and are prone to developing stomach ulcers.

They should avoid caffeine and alcohol, and caffeine can be particularly harmful because it increases adrenaline levels, which are already high in people with this blood type.

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