Recent study shows that Merck’s COVID-19 drug provides excellent protection against Covid, reduces chances of hospitalization and death

The Covid-19 vaccines were offering significant protection of getting infected with Covid-19, but things changed overnight with the Omicron variant in place since the start of December of last year.

Since the start of the pandemic and since the vaccines were rolled out more than a year ago, Omicron is the first variant of the Covid-19 virus that easily evades both natural and vaccine immunities. That’s the main reason why this winter many states and the country in general reached record high numbers of new Covid-19 cases which later resulted with record high number of hospitalizations in some areas.

Although vaccines still provide extremely high protection against severe condition and death, especially those vaccinated with three Covid-vaccine doses, millions of Americans remain unvaccinated for all the wrong reasons and they are further exposed to greater risk when it comes to Covid-19.

However, things might soon change in all-positive directions since multiple companies announced Covid drugs that might change the corona game.

One of them is the Merck’s COVID-19 drug, which according to a recent study, will provide decent protection of keeping people out of hospital.

A new study from India said the drug company’s anti-viral Molnupiravir treatment reduced the risk of hospitalizations by 65%.

As per multiple reports, nearly 1,200 Covid-infected people took part in the study. The results showed that only 1.5% of those who took the pill ended up in hospital, while 4.3% of those who were not treated with the pill were hospitalized.

The study was presented at a major virus and infection conference, but it should be noted that the study has not yet been peer-reviewed.

Meanwhile, several other companies including Pfizer developed Covid-pills which should be used as a treatment once someone gets infected with the virus. So far, the presented corona drugs show more than a decent results in battling the virus.

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