Recent study reveals what most of the workers think of getting back to office work, and what managers think of it

Employees from all over the world put in a significant amount of time working from the comfort of their own homes, and the vast majority of them would prefer to keep doing so according to the findings of a recent survey conducted in Germany.

According to a poll that was carried out by the German Institute for Economic Research, workers spent an average of one and a half days per week working from the comfort of their own homes. The poll included participants from 27 countries and workers in a wide variety of fields.

Working from home occurs on an average of 1.1 days per week in Japan, 1.6 days per week in Germany, and 1.3 days per week in France.

“The life of employees has never before any incident, such as the coronavirus pandemic, changed so completely in such a short amount of time,” observed Mathias Dolls, a researcher from the Institute. “Never before any event, such as the coronavirus pandemic.”

The research was carried out by the German scientist in collaboration with five other researchers from research institutions located in the United States, Great Britain, and Mexico, including Stanford and Princeton universities.

Workers are more enthusiastic about working remotely than their managers are.

Dolls is of the opinion that the results provide an average value and contain several fields in which it is not at all conceivable to work from home. The British Institute of Market Research was the organization that carried out the survey. The poll was carried out in the spring and the summer of 2021 in addition to the beginning of this year, and the findings are based on the responses of a total of 36,000 participants.

According to the findings of several studies, employees have a stronger preference for working from home than their managers do. 36,000 people responded to the survey from each of the 27 countries, and on average, they desired to work from home 1.7 days per week.

On the other side, businesses would prefer to have their staff present at the workplace more frequently. They anticipate or anticipate that their workers will work from home on an average of only 0.7 days each week.

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