Random transaction made woman extremely rich: sues woman after the company wrongly sent millions to her

According to the sources, a woman won $10.5 million in a random transaction on the prominent cryptocurrency platform, and she then spent the money on purchasing a luxurious home.

According to a report that was published on Tuesday by 7NEWS, two sisters in Melbourne, Australia, are currently being prosecuted for allegedly stealing the money of other people.

It was confirmed by a representative from that the case is now being heard in court.

According to 7NEWS, which cited court documents, the cryptocurrency exchange, which has its headquarters in Singapore, issued the enormous sum in error after Tevamanogari Manivel asked for a refund of $100 in May of 2021.

However, instead of telling of the error, Manivel and her sister Thilagavathi Gangadori reportedly went shopping, with Manivel purchasing a residence with five bedrooms and a value of approximately $1.35 million as a gift for Thilagavathi.

According to the broadcaster, another allegation against Manivel is that he moved $10,1 million into a joint account after the error was discovered.

7NEWS further mentioned that discovered the problem in December 2021 when conducting an audit. An employee at made a typing error in the payments section and accidentally transmitted the money after entering the account number.

Since then, the company has initiated legal proceedings, and according to the report, the Victorian Supreme Court has ordered the home to be sold and the money to be returned.

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