Psoriatic Arthritis patient explains what items make their life easier


Life with psoriatic arthritis can at times be challenging. Joint discomfort and stiffness might hinder the performance of daily tasks. During a flare-up, even something as easy as getting dressed can become a challenge. With the aid of these 15 devices, it will be lot simpler to complete daily duties.

1. Jar opener

Occasionally, it can be difficult for the typical individual to open jars and bottles. But if you suffer from joint pain due to psoriatic arthritis, the situation gets even more difficult. You can accomplish this with rubber or silicone grippers. John Indalecio, a hand therapist at Orthopaedic One in Columbus, Ohio, advises that a “jar pop” or church key opener can also be utilized to break the vacuum seal. “After allowing air to enter the jar, it’s as if you’ve opened it previously,” he explains. Electric jar openers simplify your life by twisting jars for you without straining your joints.

2. phone holder

Having difficulty holding your phone? Attachments that allow you to hold the phone without holding or pinching it are useful in this situation. The Bunker Ring phone stand and the PopSocket are excellent alternatives.

3. Decorating stick

When putting on clothes becomes difficult, a dressing stick may be of aid. Dressing sticks allow you to hold your pants open or stable your shoes while putting them on. “A dress zipper gadget can also make it easier to reach or lessen the need for assistance,” Indalecio explains. Try a “hip kit” if you need further assistance reaching your feet.

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4. shoehorn with a lengthy handle and sock help

Bending over might be difficult for those with psoriatic arthritis. These items will reduce the amount of bending necessary when putting on your socks and shoes.

5. large-handled equipment

Look for tools (silverware, hairbrushes, gardening tools, etc.) with larger handles as opposed to those with smaller handles. Not able to locate a tool with a larger handle? Indalecio advises using foam tubing for the handles of small-diameter devices to make them simpler to hold.

6. Grab bars

On days when you may want additional support, grab bars may be useful. Consider placing them on stair landings and in the restroom, where slipping could be an issue.

7. Hair-dryer stand

Standard hair dryers are not created with psoriatic arthritis sufferers in mind. Thankfully, technology has provided us with hands-free dryers, allowing us to sit back and relax while the dryers do the work. No longer must you battle to hold up a dryer.

8. slip-resistant counter mat

For people who enjoy cooking and spend significant time in the kitchen, a nonslip counter mat can help minimize slips and falls.

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