Pottawattamie County residents urged to comply with the burn ban after local fire departments responded to six fires in one day

Council Bluffs, Iowa – On Monday, several Pottawattamie County fire departments responded to a total of six fires that occurred in just one day.

That led the officials to once again urge the residents in the area to comply with the fire ban which was enforced some time ago.

The fire officials confirmed that 12 out of the total 15 fire departments responded in extinguishing the fires that occurred on Monday. There were two additional fires out of the county the departments also assisted with.

According to the Pottawattamie County Emergency Management Agency, the fires started due to residents failing to observe a burn ban which began on Feb. 8, 2022.

In this period, fires are banned because of the dry weather which can easily results a fire to get out of control.

“We understand that the weather has turned nice and landowners have fuels to burn, but with how dry our county is at this time, fires can become out of control quickly, resulting in catastrophic damage,” Emergency Management Specialist Michell Bose said.

Residents in the area are reminded about the fire ban and are advised not to burn trash, yard waste, and tree debris while the ban is in effect. In addition to the ban, residents should be careful with cigarettes especially drivers are urged not to throw cigarettes out of driving vehicles.

The officials confirmed that the fire ban will remain enforced until the weather conditions are improved. The ban is enforced to save lives and properties and officials remind residents that failing to comply with the ban can result with fines.

On Monday, 4 fines were issued.

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