Popular analyst Ming-chi Kuo claims that Apple will replace their Pro Max model with Ultra model starting next year

Apple has not even launched the iPhone 14, but the company is already hard at work developing the model that will succeed it. According to a report by GizChina, well-known analyst Ming-chi Kuo believes the corporation has lofty goals in mind for the development of its next smartphone model.

Kuo asserts that Apple is pondering making yet another adjustment to the lineup by exchanging the Pro Max model for an Ultra variant of the product. The rumored iPhone 15 Ultra, if it ever comes to fruition, will be the most powerful smartphone Apple has ever produced. In addition, it will include components and software that are exclusive to the device. As a result, it will no longer be combined with the iPhone 15 Pro and will instead serve as the most advanced model of the smartphone.

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The only difference between the Pro Max model and the ordinary Pro model is that the display on the Pro Max variant is marginally more expansive. The Ultra variant is intended to feature even more differentiated hardware, such as a processor with more processing capability, and so on.

It wouldn’t be surprising if more of the company’s products were marketed under the Ultra moniker. With the introduction of the Apple Watch Ultra, the company has already incorporated it into its lineup of products. The decision seemed surprising at first, considering that the word is included on products manufactured by other companies, most notably Samsung.

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Kuo is also in possession of some of Apple’s precise requirements for the upcoming iPhone model. Among these are a new processor, a periscope camera that allows for optical magnification, a switch to a USB-C port that complies with the new European criteria for a single charger, and a switch to a port that allows for data transfer. Apple has a longstanding policy of not commenting on rumors and speculation, and the corporation reserves the right to reverse its decisions at any time.

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