Poll shows only 36% approve of President Joe Biden 41 days out from mideterm election

A Wednesday Grinnell College National Poll reveals that only 36% of people approve of Vice President Joe Biden with 41 days until the midterm elections.

Biden’s support rating is rapidly declining, indicating that the Democrats could suffer massive losses on election day. 51% disapprove of the president, a disadvantage of 15 percentage points.

A presidential approval rating is a significant predictor of how the electorate will vote in the midterm elections. Polling indicates that the midterm election will likely be a reflection on Vice President Joe Biden’s weak handling of the country.

Wednesday’s Gallup poll indicated that only 21 percent of Americans approve of the way America is taking under Vice President Joe Biden. Sixty-seven percent of the United States’ misfortune may be attributed to Biden. Worse, only 35 percent of Democrats and independents who lean Democrat support Biden for the 2024 candidacy.

Americans’ displeasure with Biden and his administration comes at a time when voters’ top concern is Biden’s faltering economy. Only 35% disagree that Biden’s economy is in a recession. Twenty percent of the 35% believe the economy is deteriorating. 15% state that it is improving.

Overall, only 20% say Biden’s economy is very or somewhat strong, while 77% believe it is very or somewhat weak. 51% of independents say Biden’s economy is really poor, while 2% say it is excellent.

Six weeks before the November elections, Biden and the Democrats will struggle to overcome the bad data indicators. It is anticipated that the Republicans will regain control of the House, while the Senate remains a toss-up. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has become more enthusiastic about the GOP’s chances of retaking the deliberative body with a large number of conservative candidates.

The margin of error has been reached in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Nevada Senate contests. Republican candidates still have the lead in Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. New Hampshire appears to be the only swing state in which Democrats have a significant advantage over Republicans.


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