Polkadot developers announced new roadmap

Polkadot developers have revealed some of what they’ve been working on with new road map as the year dives into its last quarter. According to the developers, some of these activities include parachain scalability, parachain development, relay-chain governance, cross-chain communication, bridge, staking, and common-good parachains.

Distributive Parachain

One of the newest changes that will come out in the new roadmap is Polkadot collectives. The Good Parachains team is actively testing the Polkadot collectives to completion. As revealed, it’ll become available by late October.

The latest addition will host numerous collectives that make up the service of the Polkadot network. It includes Technical Fellowship after the Kusama Relay Chain’s incubation phase. Meanwhile, the Polkadot Alliance is the first collective that will become launched via the update.

Asynchronous support

In the current plan, Asynchronous backing is the most noticeable optimization to Polkadot’s parachain consensus system. The optimization will help Polkadot resolve certain scalability concerns.

In the entire blockchain sphere, scalability is a significant point of discussion. The subject has sprouted various improvements to existing blockchains and is a matter of concern for new ones. Polkadot aims to reduce block time by fifty percent so that it is more accessible and scalable.

With the newest update on its roadmap, the networking protocol and logic of collators will become affected. Before now, the works of collators are decreasing block times, enhancing the amount of functional block space, and aiding the reuse of blocks on the Polkadot blockchain.


Parathreads will be a logical development of the parachain element. It will enable users to upload code to the relay chain without having to worry about auctions. By estimation, the implementation of the Parathreads will come up between the first and second quarters of 2023. There are high expectations that these proposals will make Polkadot a more efficient block space market.

Other notable plans on the new roadmap of Polkadot

Bridge Hub

Also, the Common Good Parachains team will work on initiating parachains on both Kusama and Polkadot. These parachains would serve as bridge hubs to the two networks. Though, the ecosystem contains other teams who have bride protocols. These protocols include, among others, Snowfork and Centrifuge.

Similarly, the bridge hub would serve as a message routing service within the two networks. It will not store many states about the bridged chains (e.g., wrapped assets) (e.g., wrapped assets). Instead, it would transmit signals to other parachains like Statemint to manage.

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