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Police: Woman bites officer’s face during jail transport

A female driver, identified as Fiona Walker, was brought to Lincoln Police Department custody after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol early Saturday morning at around 2:20 AM. The Lincoln Police Department reported that the 22-year-old Walker was stopped by police, who found her vehicle stopped in traffic near 14th and O Streets with its hazard lights flashing.

Upon making contact with the driver and attempting to take her into custody, Walker refused to exit the vehicle, and had to be forcibly removed by officers. During the process, it was discovered that she was highly intoxicated, prompting officers to transport her to jail.

Once they arrived at the police holding facility, corrections officers had to help remove the resistant detainee who still refused to exit the cruiser. This resistance resulted in an assault on one of the corrections officers. Police allege that Walker bit the officer’s face near the jawline, holding the bite for four seconds, creating an obvious bite impression and injuring the officer in the process.

Walker was charged with DUI with prior conviction, refusal of chemical test, willful reckless driving, resist arrest, and assault on an officer.

This incident has drawn attention to the dangers of intoxicated driving, with law enforcement agencies consistently warning against driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition, the Lincoln Police Department reminds detainees that resisting and assaulting an officer is a serious crime, punishable by law.

The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of drunk driving and the importance of following police instructions during an arrest. The incident highlights the risks law enforcement officers face daily, and their dedication to keep the community safe. The Lincoln Police Department continues to investigate this case while encouraging individuals to avoid similar behavior.

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