Police will investigate Boris Johnson’s actions during quarantine

New big troubles for the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick recently announced that she would be investigating the events at 10 Downing Street during the difficult lockdown. Public outrage escalated last night when it was announced that Johnson had been given a birthday cake with cake at the government headquarters during the days of strict quarantine and a ban on gathering more people indoors.

Cressida Dick said the general approach to investigation would have four points: explain the rules, talk to people, [охрабрувајте ги луѓето да ги почитуваат] and enforce only as a last resort.

She says most people have responded very well to the police engagement.

Police have “final resources,” she said. This was a special problem during the pandemic when people got sick.

Normally, this would not be a “proportionate” use of police time to investigate past offenses. These are collective offenses that attract fines.

Some officers were under investigation for violating Covid’s rules. Some high-profile people were also under investigation.

She said these cases were “the most serious and flagrant” type of violation.

Gordon Brown, the former Labor prime minister, told ITV this morning that Boris Johnson’s failure to follow the lock rules was a moral issue. He explained:

“I could not go to the funeral of a very close relative last year at the same time. I could not visit a friend who was dying in a hospital, and there are thousands and thousands of families who were in such a situation. Therefore, this is not a political issue. “This is a moral question of whether the standards you ask people to follow are standards you are willing to follow yourself.”

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