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Police arrested Denton landlord for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

DALLAS, Texas – A 68-year-old man was detained by Denton police for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after a video showed him pointing a gun at a tenant.

When interviewed by FOX 4, the landlord did not dispute his involvement in the altercation.

Mohammed Alzahrani, a 27-year-old UNT graduate student, and Phillip Young, his 68-year-old landlord, were involved in a heated altercation on September 9.

According to Alzahrani, everything transpired because he wanted to cook eggs.

Young was arrested on Wednesday for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but was later freed on bond.

Young informed FOX 4 that he had a verbal arrangement with Alzahrani to not use the kitchen in exchange for a reduction in rent.

“After two weeks, he decides all of a sudden to cook eggs,” Young explained.

Young welcomed FOX 4 in.

“Therefore, I simply carried the pan upstairs and deposited it in his bedroom,” he explained. “He approaches me directly and says, “I’m warning you.” Avoid touching me again.”

Young claims that after two hours of bickering, he phoned the Denton police. Investigators say they visited the scene and decided no crime was committed.

Alzahrani called Denton police a few hours later, and they responded. Young, according to the police, denied making any threats and refused to allow authorities to view his firearm.

Alzahrani stated at the time that he did not wish to seek charges.

As the inquiry continued, the detectives reinterviewed Alzahrani and Young. Alzahrani altered his mind. He reported feeling threatened to police.

The next Monday, Young allegedly wrote police an email.

“A momentary notion occurs to me that perhaps I should just shoot him, and I put that in an email to a detective,” he explained. “They omitted the entire reason, which is that I resisted the urge swiftly and without difficulty.”

According to the police, the email motivated them to initiate an arrest.

In retrospect, Young states, “I should have prayed about it.”

Alzahrani states that his lease prohibits him from using the pool, but never mentions the kitchen. According to him, Young agreed to restore a portion of his security deposit, and he moved out immediately following the gun incident.


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