Police arrest tenant after allegedly threatening tenant in video

Denton, Texas – Earlier last month, a video of a Denton landlord allegedly threatening a renter with a pistol went viral. Now, the landlord is in custody.

It occurred in the 2000 block of Scripture Street, close to the University of North Texas, at a home occupied by the landlord and his tenant. Earlier this month, the tenant documented a confrontation with the landowner. It is unknown what occurred before the camera began filming.

Police from Denton, who twice attended the residence on September 9 in the afternoon, are currently examining video footage of the event.

The first arrest was for civil unrest. The homeowner told police that the tenant attempted to use the kitchen without paying for kitchen privileges.

The homeowner, 68-year-old Phillip Young, told NBC 5 via telephone that the student tenant threatened him before the recording began.

Officers found that no violation happened and departed.

The officers returned around four hours later when the tenant stated that the homeowner had threatened him with a gun.

“What do you intend to do? Are you planning on shooting me? ” inquired the renter.
The landlord responded, “Let’s see what I do.”

The renter initially declined to press charges, and no probable cause could be established at the scene, according to Denton police.

In a press release, Denton police stated, “The parties agreed to split and the matter was forwarded to detectives.”

Following a review of the case by detectives, the renter stated in a follow-up interview, “He felt frightened and would assist with prosecution if charges were filed.”

In a Monday email to detectives, the homeowner said he had considered shooting the tenant, according to Denton police. Previously, the homeowner had stated he had no intention of shooting the tenant.

Young informed NBC 5 over the phone that he never pointed the gun at his tenant. Young was arrested Wednesday morning at the Denton Police Department.

Young stated, “I was desperate and I wanted him to think I was insane.”

Young is charged with one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and posted a $10,000 bond on Wednesday, according to jail records.

It is unknown where the tenant currently resides.

Mark Melton, an attorney and founder of the Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center, stated that landlord abuse can take various forms and that renters’ sole recourse is frequently to file a lawsuit.

“Therefore, it is a really difficult position for many tenants, who feel helpless and like they must endure it or relocate,” Melton added.

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