Pierce Brosnan unrecognizable in his new role

Pierce Brosnan (69) has altered his appearance, but he has a good purpose for doing so.

Specifically, he is now filming the new film “The Last Rifleman,” in which he portrays a Second World War veteran. In the latest photographs, he appears unrecognizable with gray hair, a wrinkled face, and a cane.

On the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings, he plays a soldier who quits his Northern Ireland nursing home and fights to return to France.

The story was inspired by Bernard Jordan, a Second World War veteran who, at the age of 89, abandoned his nursing home in East Sussex, caught a bus to Portsmouth, boarded a ferry to France, and headed for Normandy in June 2014.

The actor has been married to journalist Kiley Shay Smith (58) for 21 years; they met in 1994, three years after the death of his first wife. She has been married to Pearce since 1980, and he adopted her 49-year-old son Christopher and 19-year-old daughter Charlotte. They also had a 38-year-old actor son named Sean.

Brosnan and Shay Smith met in 1994 in a cafe in Mexico, where he fell in love with her and frequently states that she helped him endure a difficult phase and pull him out of sadness. She was also quite sympathetic when his 42-year-old daughter Charlotte died of ovarian cancer in 2013 at the same age as her mother Cassandra. When speaking about his wife, Brosnan refers to her as “his girlfriend.”

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