Pet experts explains how pet owners can help their dogs and cats reduce anxiety

Numerous pets are feeling anxiety this summer as a result of their owners’ return to work, the loud noises of thunderstorms, and the joyous fireworks.

What are the indicators? Janelle Metiva, a licensed professional dog trainer with the Best Friends Animal Society, saw an increase in meowing or barking, excessive grooming, and destructive behavior. “If the dog is accustomed to continual attention and it suddenly disappears, the dog may experience a great deal of early worry,” she stated.

Metiva advises playing their favorite music, establishing a more regular pattern, and utilizing food puzzles and toys to help them manage and reduce their anxiety.

We explored for eight food puzzles and toys that can assist in calming your pet during stressful situations. And, with free delivery on purchases over $49 and a “Buy 3 get 15% off” deal, you can save money while keeping your canines and felines content.

Frisco Non-Skid Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Keep any pup busy during mealtimes with this BPA-free puzzle feeder bowl. With ridges throughout the dishwasher-safe bowl, dogs can spend more time enjoying their food.

Keep any cat busy with this feeder. It encourages kitties to “hunt” for their food through a fun, puzzle-like design. And, it features three portion settings for different appetites or even treats!

With the ability to hold up to ⅔ cup of food, you can use this toy to feed a cat throughout the day, or use it for playtime with treats. You can adjust how much food comes out at a time to keep kitties busy for longer periods as they hunt kibble.

Made from durable rubber, this classic toy allows you to stuff food or treats like yogurt or peanut butter, keeping dogs busy.

Looking for a highly rated chew toy hundreds of pet owners swear by? With over 1,900 reviews, and a 4.2-star rating, this chew toy can reduce stress by keeping dogs busy. It’s made with a blend of real wood and synthetic material to mimic tree bark, and even floats in water.

Covered in durable netting and filled with crinkly material, this chew toy keeps cats occupied with real, dried mint.

With an ergonomic design and real chicken flavor, most dogs won’t be able to resist this tasty chew toy. It’ll keep pups chewing away, taking their attention away from stressful situations.

Made from BPA-free nylon, this tough chew toy tastes like peanut butter to really capture a pup’s attention. The sturdy texture also helps clean teeth while they chew away, and the design makes it easy for owners to throw around during a play session.

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