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People waiting for hours in line to get tested for Covid-19, Omaha metro testing site switches to appointment only testing

Omaha, Nebraska – The Covid-19 testing issues continue in Omaha as people are still waiting in line for hours to get tested for Covid-19 amid home-kits shortage crisis.

From what we are all seeing lately at the testing sites, the situation is not going to be better anytime soon.

In most of the occasions, people have to wait in line for a few hours until they finally get tested for corona, while the number of new Covid-19 cases is constantly rising in the area.

Nomi Omaha metro locations are seeing spike in testing requests since few weeks ago, but they say the situation worsened in the last few days. Jerica Schuman waited in line with her mom for over five hours to get a test at the Oak View Mall testing site. She says the wait was chaotic.

“One person got a flat tire. Another person, I think they ran out of gas because they ended up pushing their car all of the way through. That was at about the fourth hour. Then someone actually got turned away right before they got to the tent because their phone died and they didn’t have a QR code to scan,” said Schuman.

In an effort to somehow reduce the wait time and find a short-term solution because of the high number of people want to get tested, Nomi Omaha announced they are switching to appointment only type of service and all of the appointment were booked in a matter of minutes.

Douglas County Health Director Dr. Lindsay Huse she is aware of the problem and according to her, they are already working with Nomi Omaha to find a solution for the problem.

“The lines have been long. People have had a hard time sometimes getting in to get a test. As soon as we started hearing about these issues we started working with Nomi to troubleshoot these issues,” said Dr. Huse.

With implementing appointment only service, long lines are gone, at least for now. However, the main problem remains the demand since Nomi Omaha now don’t see long waiting lines, but they serve fewer people and many still remain untested.

According to the data provided by Nomi Omaha, they were testing around 1,000 per day last week. With implementing appointment only service, they manage to now test only about 550 people per day.

Both Nomi Omaha and Dr. Huse confirmed once again they are working on expending the Nomi Omaha services with potentially opening yet another testing line at Oak View Mall location.

Gov. Ricketts Office says he’s also working with the federal government and private companies to make testing more rapidly available.

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