People seek GOP House members to work on inflation, not on Hunter Biden’s laptop investigation

The political world is full of unexpected turns of events. Who knew that Hunter Biden’s laptop included the equations that could solve the problem of inflation? Or that there would be a dramatic drop in the rate of criminal activity as soon as there was a change in leadership in the House of Representatives? That the newsworthiness of caravans making their way toward the border will mysteriously decrease for no apparent reason? that the prices at the pump would magically move in the way that is desirable?

The Republican Party was successful in gaining a majority in the House of Representatives by campaigning on a platform that advocated for the elimination of problems such as high inflation, high crime rates, and a variety of other issues. They informed us that these issues were the consequence of poor leadership on the part of Democrats, who were viewed as communists by some members of the GOP camp, and an administration led by Joe Biden that was determined to destroy the country.

According to the polls conducted before the election, inflation and crime were key factors that would lead to a red wave. It should come as no surprise that many of those forecasts turned out to be way off the mark, if you will.

Nevertheless, within hours of winning a majority, the leaders of the House Republican Caucus informed us that their intention was to become an investigative body, intent on learning the truth about the improper actions taken by the Biden administration and those of the president’s son, Hunter.

These promised inquisitions make the assumption that there are evil actors genuinely abounding within the Biden administration and that they are not simply playing that role on the news shows of a cable network. However, concrete evidence for such transgressions continues to be hard to come by. It’s possible that if we chant “Benghazi! Her Emails!” three times, we’ll make them materialize out of thin air. Wait. This strategy was unsuccessful during the initial congressional investigation into the Benghazi attacks, as well as the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth investigations into the attacks.

Put past out of your thoughts. At a news conference in front of a gaggle of fellow Republicans who were ready, willing, and perhaps even capable of some sleuthing, the newly minted Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer of Kentucky, pledged their vows: “I want to be clear: This is an investigation of Joe Biden, and that’s where our focus will be next Congress.”

As a result of all of this, the three congressman representing Nebraska, Mike Flood, Don Bacon, and Adrian Smith, are in a proverbial rock and a proverbial hard place. They have taken oaths to enhance our bank accounts and the leadership of their party over the next few months.

Throughout the whole fall, Flood maintained his position that his opponent was spreading lies and that the midterm election was about “bringing down the prices you pay at the grocery store, cutting taxes, turning our economy around, keeping our town secure…” In spite of the fact that he frequently brought up the name Pelosi, as far as I am aware, Flood never once publicly mentioned going after Hunter Biden and his laptop.

During a political ad barbeque, his colleague from the 2nd District, Don Bacon, served us “Biden burgers,” which was a reference to prices, inflation, and the economy. Not a word was said about the pending investigations that would be conducted in order to get to the bottom of something about which nobody is really certain and regarding which nobody truly knows the way.

Rep. Adrian Smith of the Third District predicted in September that the election on November 8 will be a “gas and grocery election” while speaking on C-SPAN. When he and his majority caucus meet to further game-plan the people’s business, which at this point looks to be first a series of probes into the Bidens, the Southern border, the origins of COVID-19, the Justice Department, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan, I’m sure he’ll stand and forcefully make that case. I have no doubt about that.

The leaders of the Republican caucus in Congress have also pledged to bring the soon-to-be-retiring Dr. Anthony Fauci before a congressional committee. That ought to make incoming Governor-elect Jim Pillen and his close friend and benefactor, Senator Pete Ricketts, happy (Oops… too soon?). Advertising for the primary election included Pillen loading a shotgun, and Fauci was the target of those ads. The esteemed physician and veteran public worker is a favored target for those who believe that masks are the cause of all the world’s problems, among other people. A good example of this is when the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who also has a role on television as an epidemiologist, made the following comment about Dr. Fauci: “Someone ought to grab that little elf and toss him across the Potomac.” There is neither deception nor subterfuge in such menace.

The 118th Congress will not be the first elected body to be occupied by individuals who said one thing on the campaign trail, only to show up in Washington with an entirely other agenda. Rather, the 118th Congress will not be the first elected body to be populated by those individuals. However, it may compete for the title of most gridlocked, which is Beltway-speak for the decision to forego resolving the issues faced by the people, let alone carrying out their wishes… particularly in the House.

Elections do have consequences, but shouldn’t one of them be that those chosen to lead in the promotion of some general welfare do exactly that? They should build a bridge, lighten a burden, spend wisely, negotiate honestly, use real evidence, govern by consensus, put progress before party, and seek the higher road.

Finally, instead of doing all of this surveillance with no specific objective other than to play “gotcha,” exhibit some actual leadership.

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