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Pedestrian strike in Dayton late Saturday afternoon resulted with four people injured and transferred to hospital

DAYTON, Ohio — According to a press statement from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, at least four people were injured as a result of a pedestrian strike that occurred late on Saturday afternoon in Dayton.

At 5:39 in the evening, crews responded to a call in the 3400 block of Salem Avenue.

At the Salem Beverage & Marketing facility, the parking lot was exited by a Chevrolet Trailblazer from the year 2006. According to the announcement, it made a left turn to proceed northwest on Salem Avenue and was traveling left of center when it was struck by a 2008 GMC Yukon.

A trailblazer crashed into a man who was standing in the sidewalk, and the pedestrian was flung into the parking lot after being struck by the trailblazer.

A video taken at the scene reveals that there are many first responders there as well as at least two automobiles that were damaged.

The person who was driving the Yukon did not sustain any injuries.

The sheriff’s office said that a passenger from the Trailblazer and a pedestrian were both rushed to hospitals with what seemed to be serious injuries for both parties.

Both the child who was riding in the Trailblazer and the driver of the vehicle were sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

According to dispatchers at News Center 7, one patient was brought to Grandview Hospital, and two more were evacuated by emergency medical services to Dayton Children’s Hospital.

According to the sheriff’s office, driving while impaired is considered to have been a contributing factor in the accident that occurred.

The inquiry into the crash is still ongoing.

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