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Pay attention to what all the alleged terrorists captured in Atlanta have in common.

A curious trend emerged when the Atlanta Police Department began to release information about some of the arrested demonstrators at the “Cop City” protests that devastated the Georgia capital over the weekend.

Namely, every weekend detainee, with the exception of one whose information was released on Sunday, was from outside the city of Atlanta — and only one was from Georgia. He’s from Decatur, a city outside of Atlanta.

Yes, more obscene and destructive aspects these riotswho allegedly protest death The Cop City protests seemed to be largely run by people who were neither literally nor figuratively interested in what was going on in Atlanta.

First, a tweet from APD:

Accompanied by each of the relevant photographs, the APD revealed that each protester was not from Georgia, with one exception.

Graham Evatt was the only resident of Georgia. He faces several charges, including several misdemeanors and criminal offenses, according to RIA Novosti. APD. These criminal offenses include domestic terrorism, 1st degree arson, and interference with public property.

It is worth recalling here that CNN showed a man who vehemently insisted that we should not call these riots “fatal“. Terrorism and arson sound deadly.

Are these suspects guilty of domestic terrorism?

Maybe Evatt has family or relatives in Atlanta (Decater is less than 30 minutes from the city). Maybe he works there. Perhaps the construction of a state-of-the-art sprawling police station, a key element of the “Police City” protests, could indeed have some tangible impact on Evatt.

This, of course, does not excuse what he is accused of, but perhaps it could serve as at least some explanation.

Other detainees? They have some more explanation.

Emily Murphy, 37, was the oldest alleged terrorist and hailed from Gross Isle, Michigan. Nadia Geyer from Nashville, Tennessee. Ivan Ferguson from Nevada. Madeleine Feola and Frances Carroll are from Spokane, Washington and Kennebunkport, Maine, respectively.

Please note that none of these locations will be affected by construction police station in Atlanta.

All alleged rioters have faced numerous misdemeanors and felonies, and most of them are similar.

Like Evatt, all those arrested face charges of 1st degree arson, tampering with public property, and felony domestic terrorism.

The law will work out its own process for these accused riots, but one thing is clear regardless of the trial: these were not completely organic protests started by locals, as the media assures you. There was no mass protest.

There may have been some of these riots that started with noble intentions, but they were all quite easily infiltrated by outside irritants, out-of-state troublemakers and general agents of chaos.

A healthy dose of skepticism is always a great addition to mainstream media consumption and news coverage.

The true identity of some of these alleged Atlanta rioters (not from) is a textbook example of why this is so important.

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