Pasteur Institute announces peak wave of infections and hospitalizations due to Omicron strain

France- The French Pasteur Institute has announced that the peak of the wave of infections with the Omicron strain of the coronavirus will occur by mid-January, followed by a peak of hospital admissions in the second half of January.

The French Ministry of Health yesterday confirmed that in the past 24 hours more than 278,000 new infections have been registered, which is a decrease of 6% compared to a week earlier and the first drop on a weekly basis this year. At the same time, the number of Covid-19 patients in French hospitals increased by 888 in one day, a total of 25,775, the French Ministry of Health announced today. This is the largest daily number hospitalized since the beginning of November 2020, before the start of the vaccination campaign. Today’s data from the Ministry of Health also showed that after four stable days in the last 24 hours, the number of coronavirus patients in the intensive care units increased by 61, to a total of 3,913.

Meanwhile, the French parliament has given its final approval to the latest government measures to combat Covid-19, including the introduction of vaccine passes, which has led to demonstrations. The new law, which was passed by a large majority in the French parliament, with opposition parties saying some provisions are too strict, will require citizens to show a vaccination certificate to enter public places such as restaurants, cafes, cinemas and intercity trains.

Currently, unvaccinated people can enter such places with the results of a recent Covid-19 negative test. According to reports from the Ministry of Health, in France almost 78% of the population is fully vaccinated.

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