Passenger attacked American Airlines pilots and crew members before the flight from Honduras to Miami, arrested

A passenger boarded the cockpit of an American Airlines plane on a flight from Honduras to Miami and damaged the aircraft before being arrested.

Due to the incident, the flight to Miami was delayed for several hours because it was necessary to provide another plane, so the passengers arrived in the capital of Florida with a delay of almost eight hours, according to Associated Press.

The company announced that the doors of the cockpit were opened before this incident at the international airport in San Pedro Sula in Honduras.

“The crew intervened, and the passenger was eventually arrested by members of the local airport security,” said an airline spokesman.

Honduran authorities released the “attacking passenger” again because the airline did not file a lawsuit.

“The attack on the pilot and the airline crew were not serious,” said security spokesman Edgardo Barajona, explaining that airport security had arrested the assailant and handed him over to national police, who took him to a hospital for a series of tests.

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