Parents expressing concerns after children dropped at wrong school bus locations in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH, Texas – Parents in Fort Worth are concerned following repeated incidences in which their children were dropped off at incorrect locations after school.

Isabel Arreola is the mother of a student in the Fort Worth ISD. She drove her 9-year-old daughter Miranda to and from school for years. This is the first year that her daughter has taken the school bus.

Arreola stated that she was apprehensive to allow her daughter to ride the school bus, but she anticipated that missing the school bus would be one of the main problems they would face.

“I never imagined she would be left at the incorrect stop,” she told NBC 5 on Wednesday.

Three times in the previous month, according to Arreola, her daughter was dropped off at the incorrect spot after school. In each incident, according to Arreola, her daughter was dumped off approximately a half-mile from the designated bus stop.

“When my daughter called me, she couldn’t even utter a word. “She was very distraught,” Arreola added. “This should never have occurred. The bus should have been halted by the driver. He should have alerted his supervisor to the fact that anything was amiss. I do not own the correct bus route.'”

In one mobile phone recording made by a student, an adult can be heard in the background.

The adult can be heard exclaiming, “This is not their stop!” as youngsters are allowed to off the bus.

Tuesday evening, Arreola presented the video to the Fort Worth ISD school board during a meeting.

“The reaction I am receiving is “I am understaffed. I do not wish to listen to it. My child needs to be cared for. “Her safety is my top priority,” she stated.

Before the video concluded, Arreola’s microphone was switched off, prompting some parents in the crowd to beg that it be turned back on. One of the parents in question was

Gloria Williams is the mother of four pupils in the Fort Worth ISD. Once per week, two of her children ride the school bus home.

“I just exploded,” she exclaimed. “I was thinking…you all must hear this. Because they are not your children, do you not wish to hear this? Since your children are not harmed by this? Because we are low-income, we are insignificant?”

A member of the board confirmed that Arreola’s microphone was disconnected because video is prohibited during public comments. He stated that the board will then meet with her in person.

Arreola stated that, moving ahead, she desires improved training for bus drivers and a permanent driver for her child’s route.

Fort Worth ISD sent the following statement to NBC 5 on Wednesday:

The recent incident involving a Fort Worth ISD bus route is reprehensible and does not demonstrate the district’s dedication to its students and parents. We are committed to making amends and are implementing the following measures to avoid a similar incident from occurring again: We will continue to speak with parents to ensure that all concerns are immediately handled.

Nothing is more important to us than the protection of our students, and we will work carefully to ensure that all students have a safe and secure environment, especially on the school bus.

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