Papillion Mobility Library started as a simple request for help, but grew into something much bigger: providing help to everyone

PAPILLION, Nebraska — It was a project that began as a straightforward plea for assistance but would rapidly develop into something significantly more extensive.

According to Russ Zeeb of the Papillion Volunteer Fire Department, “one of our friends that we have coffee with at Hy-Vee in Papillion needed a wheelchair for his mother who was experiencing some major health concerns.”

When Zeeb needed assistance, he would post a message on his community’s Facebook page, and he would instantly locate someone who was ready to give a wheelchair.

Seeing how quickly people responded sparked an idea in Zeeb’s head: why not establish a Mobility Library in which anyone in Papillion can borrow the mobility equipment they require at no cost?

It’s been going off the rails! According to Zeeb, “we haven’t spent a single cent because everything here is donated.”

People in Papillion have been very generous over the past two weeks, donating hundreds of crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, ramps, and other pieces of mobility equipment to the Papillion Mobility Library.

The response from the community to the project has been tremendously positive, and according to Zeeb, people continue to step up to help when there is someone in need.

“A local businessman who all of us had known for years need one of these walkers, and we had to get it for him. “We needed it and we had given out our last one the day before, so I got on Facebook, posted it, and by the time the night was up, I had three of them,” said Zeeb.

According to Zeeb, who has lived in Papillion for his entire life, the reaction from the community isn’t surprising at all.

“That’s how things work in Papillion. “If you require assistance, someone will be there to assist you,” Zeeb told me.

The accomplishment of the project has inspired Zeeb to continue increasing the amount of storage space available in the mobility library so that they can assist an even greater number of people living in Papillion.

“There is no limit beyond the sky, but the sky itself is the boundary. We are willing to do whatever it takes to assist those in need.

Anyone who is interested in contributing equipment is encouraged to contact Russ Zeeb at the number 402-681-0929 for more information.

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