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“Operation Heartbreak: Police and rescuers find more than 70 dogs abandoned in a rotting house”

Many households treat their animals like family members, especially around holidays. There are all sorts of pet gifts, stockings, decor and Christmas treats flying off the shelves or delivered to doorsteps before December 25th.

But one house in Dyer, Tennessee, was the exact opposite of all that. Instead of being cozy, comfortable and full of fun, the house was in ruins, full of abandoned dogs, excrement and rot.

Authorities contacted the Animal Rescue Corps to assist in what became known as “Operation Holiday Heartbreak” for obvious reasons.

“Happening Now – Operation Holiday Heartbreak”, Animal Rescue Corps shared on December 26th.

“Today, ARC is dispatched to Northwest Tennessee to assist the Dyer City Police Department in a major and urgent case of abuse: more than 75 dogs and puppies left in a filthy, rotting home.

Rescuers found more than 75 dogs, many of which were Chihuahuas or Chihuahua crosses. The owners left the dogs in a dilapidated house and only occasionally returned to feed them.

Dozens dogs ranged from one week old puppies to older dogs, and were pregnant dogs are included too.

ARC reported on its website that they all “show signs of prolonged neglect and crowding, including bite wounds, fights, parasites, and serious untreated conditions.”

“Ammonia levels in this waste-filled home are among the most dangerous on record by the Animal Rescue Corps to date; you can smell the house from the street,” the post reads.

“The situation was desperate and required immediate intervention. ARC deployed immediately.”

The house itself was declared structurally unsound, with rotting floorboards and furniture. Crews had to use thermal imaging to find dogs hiding inside walls, furniture and under floors.

“This is a case of abuse and the ARC is supporting law enforcement in gathering evidence, handling the crime scene and conducting forensic investigations,” the statement said. “All dogs have been captured, safely removed and transported to the ARC Rescue Center outside of Nashville, Tennessee, where they will receive emergency medical, physical and emotional care, and where ARC will continue to document the consequences of their neglect.

“Once the animals are ready and permanent care is in place, our placement team will individually match each one with our network of trusted placement partners and bring them to the right level.”

The rescue team is also working fundraising to help support their efforts in this particular large event, they have recognized one major donor who has already paved the way for further donations.

“When Cathy Bissell of the BISSELL Pet Foundation became aware of the desperate situation, she immediately, compassionately and generously pledged a $10,000 prize to help the Holiday Heartbreak dogs get the life-saving care they need,” shared ARC. “By joining a $25,000 year-end competition from sympathizer Bertie White Andrus and two anonymous donors, your gift today can be negotiated up to $35,000 or December 31, whichever comes first.”

Thanks to generous donations and the work of ARC, these puppies will have a much better Christmas in the coming years after finding loving homes – the best gift any dog ​​can ask for.

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