Only the second US president: Barack Obama Wins Emmy Award for Outstanding Narrator for Netflix Documentary

The Emmy awards show will take place on September 13, although certain accolades may be handed out sooner.

The winner of the American Television Emmy Award for Outstanding Narrator in a Documentary Series “Our Great National Parks” was revealed on Saturday night by the American Television Academy. The winner was the former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Obama is the second US president to win an Emmy. Dwight Eisenhower was the previous recipient of the medal, having won it in 1956. In this particular instance, the award was an honorary Emmy.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, collaborated on a biography following his departure from the office in 2017. The two individuals established a charitable organization and launched a production company, both of which went on to sign lucrative deals with Netflix totaling tens of millions of dollars.

Obama, who served as President of the United States from 2009 until 2017, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in addition to receiving the Emmy and Grammy honors for the audio versions of his memoirs “The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams from my father.” Obama also won both of these accolades.

After he was declared the victor in the presidential election held in November 2008, he was presented with this honor in recognition of his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and collaboration between states.”

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