One person died in Lincoln vehicle that was caught on fire Monday, local authorities release new details

LINCOLN, Nebraska – After a fatal fire that occurred on Monday near the intersection of 14th and Superior Streets, fire investigators report discovering oxygen and propane tanks inside a vehicle.

At approximately 11 in the morning, a small SUV was observed completely engulfed in flames at the Superior Place Apartments, which prompted the call for police assistance.

The Chief Fire Inspector Bill Moody stated that the car displayed signs of a flash explosion once it was examined.

Investigators of the fire stated that they discovered five oxygen tanks, two 1 lb cylinder propane tanks, and an oxygen generator. Three of the oxygen tanks had already exploded.

Inspector Moody reported that there was no explosion at the propane tanks.

According to statements made by witnesses to the investigators, they discovered that the victim was a heavy smoker.

Inspector Moody noted that there was a significant amount of oxygen present in the vehicle at the time of the explosion, and that the investigation has ruled out any possibility of criminal activity.

The identity of the victim, as well as their age, has not been made public at this time. Inspector Moody reported that the flats had sustained relatively modest damage.

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