One of the youngest alumni ever selected: University of Nebraska system president Ted Carter received the US Naval Academy’s Distinguished Graduate Award

LINCOLN, Nebraska — Over the weekend, Ted Carter, president of the University of Nebraska system, was one of the youngest graduates to ever be picked for the Distinguished Graduate Honor given out by the United States Naval Academy. Carter earned the award.

Those individuals who have served in the Navy and have been recognized for their leadership, character, and service are honored with this medal.

Carter was put forth for consideration by a member of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation, and the decision to choose him was made by an accomplished group of Navy graduates.

“This honor confirms that Ted Carter is a leader of the very highest caliber,” said NU Board of Regents Chairman Bob Phares of North Platte. “To have even been nominated is a big deal. To be selected and join a list of some of America’s great public servants is an extraordinary achievement. I am reminded yet again of how fortunate we are to have attracted President Carter to Nebraska to lead our university.”

Carter is a retired Vice Admiral who attended the Naval Academy and received his degree there in 1981. After receiving his degree, Carter went on to spend the next three decades serving as a Naval Flight Officer. During that time, he logged more than 6,300 hours in the air and achieved the record for the most carrier-arrested landings in American history.

Carter’s military service includes serving as commander for the Carrier Strike Group Twelve. In this role, he commanded a total of 20 ships, two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, and two carrier air wings that were stationed in Afghanistan and the Arabian Gulf respectively. Carter is a graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School, also known as “Top Gun.”

After serving as president of the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, he finally became the 62nd superintendent of the United States Naval Academy, a position he held from 2014 to 2019.

During a ceremony held in Annapolis over the weekend, he and five other alumni were recognized for their accomplishments.

“‘Humbled’ doesn’t begin to describe the emotions that Lynda and I are feeling,” Carter said. “Public service has been our life’s calling. In anything that we’ve done, we have tried our best to give back some small measure of the opportunities that have been given to us. We are grateful to the Naval Academy family, and to Nebraskans, whose suppose for members of the military is second to none and who have welcomed us so warmly over the past several years.”

Since the year 2020, Carter has served as the president of the University of Nebraska system.

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