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One-legged swindler accused of beating CVS workers in New York arrested again, hours after being released without bail

The long arm of the law again overtook the distraught one-legged swindler.

Hours after a judge released frustrated suspect Eutano Bernard without bail in connection with a bizarre padlock and urination incident, police officers handcuffed the 41-year-old man again, NYPD said.

Bernard was collared on the Upper East Side Thursday night when he hit an elderly woman in the leg with one of his crutches at the East 68th Street-Hunter College subway station, NYPD’s 19th Precinct. blew up on twitter Friday.

“Well, it didn’t take long… CVS robber who attacked two employees and two police officers – AGAIN ARRESTED! Officers rushed to the aid of a 67-year-old woman after a suspect attacked her and threatened to push her down the stairs – quickly found and re-arrested her assailant!”

Bernard was initially exposed to hot water when he allegedly assaulted store workers and cops in the face with a metal padlock on Wednesday before attempting to urinate on cops on an Upper East Side sidewalk, authorities said. The perpetrator was relieved when a judge released him without bail the next day, the NYPD said.

One-legged swindler accused of beating CVS workers in New York arrested again, hours after being released without bail
Eutano Bernard was arrested just hours after bail was posted.

On Wednesday’s afternoon episode, Bernard pulled out his private parts and urinated into the air as cops pushed him to the ground near CVS on Lexington Avenue near East 87th Street, where he allegedly just attacked two workers and stole four locks. and six red ones. The bull drinks around 12:50.

According to court documents, the urinal allegedly hit workers in the face with a padlock as they tried to stop a $65 shoplifter. According to the criminal case, the stunned workers called for help from two officers.

Authorities said Public Enemy “Number 1” hit both police officers with the same padlock before being detained on the sidewalk outside the store.

    Police at CVS on January 27, 2023
Police officers near CVS on January 27, 2023.
Georgette Roberts/NY Post

Bernard was released on bail last fall for another alleged assault, police said.

As of Saturday afternoon, Bernard was behind bars on Rikers Island at the time of his most recent arrest, according to the city’s Department of Corrections. The judge set bail at $30,000.

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