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One dead and two injured at Dallas’ Big T Plaza shooting on Saturday, police

Following a shooting that took place inside a shopping complex in south Dallas, one person was killed and two others were injured.

According to the investigators, one of the people who was hurt is currently being held in prison.

Saturday, bystanders were kept at a safe distance away from the shopping mall known as Big T Plaza thanks to crime scene tape.

This afternoon, everyone inside was focused on getting out of there as quickly as possible.

Brigette Yaimpir-Walker is employed by a hair-braiding store located in the Oak Cliff shopping complex, which is similar to a mall in that the majority of the shops are located inside the plaza.

Yaimpir-Walker said, “When you see the people running, you don’t know what’s occurred, so you just have to go.” “You know when you see the people rushing, you don’t know what’s happened,” he remarked.

According to Yaimpir-Walker, she hid in a different company until the authorities told her it was okay to come out of the building.

Three persons were reportedly shot on Saturday within the plaza located in the 4500 block of Village Fair Drive, according to the Dallas Police Department.

Unfortunately, one of those people did not make it.

According to investigators, there were also two other people who were hurt, including the suspect who was taken into custody at the scene.

Carolyn King Arnold, who represents District 4 in southern Dallas, is a member of the Dallas City Council and says that one violent incident has the potential to undermine what has otherwise been a generally positive year in terms of lower rates of violent crime across the city and in her district.

Arnold stated that “the community can be at ease because they no longer have to worry about whether or not somebody is rushing through the neighborhood trying to get away from the Dallas Police Department” (Dallas Police Department trying to catch someone who is fleeing).

Arnold emphasized that the emotional toll as well as the probable financial toll that the violence takes on small business owners located within the plaza was her top concern on Saturday.

Arnold remarked that a few of them had experienced severe traumatic events. “It’s possible that some of them are considering questions such as, ‘Where can I go from here? Is this the only place I can have my business?'”

Walker claims that these are not the kinds of ideas she is going to let herself dwell on tonight, and that she has every intention of getting back to work at her hair salon on Sunday.

According to Yaimpir-Walker, “I mean, it’s a little bit uneasy but it’s not only here.” [Citation needed] “It can be found in every location.”

Investigators with the Denver Police Department have not disclosed a possible motivation but have described this fatal shooting as an isolated occurrence.

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