Once considered a sex symbol and seducer, today is unrecognizable


He has always been known as a man who takes care of his appearance, but no one expected that we will see him in such an unrecognizable edition.

Zac Efron has completely transformed for a role in the new movie “Iron Claw” where he will portray the character of catcher Kevin Von Erich. Photos from the film set have appeared on the Internet and everyone is shocked by the appearance of the actor and his incredible transformation.

For the purposes of the film, he wears long hair dyed a light shade, but his physical appearance cannot be ignored.

The actor is unrecognizable, but due to his extremely muscular torso, this change is a real surprise and a big shock for many.

“Is this real Zack?”, “What is this?”, “Crazy,” “I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” are some of the comments from startled fans.

Efron recently found himself in the center of the world media who accused him of having plastic surgery on his face. The actor then said that it was not a seizure, but after an injury to the face, the chewing muscles, on the inner side of his face and jaw, compensated for his injury and therefore “grew”.


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