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Once a month, Omaha business owner offers free-of-charge services to breast cancer patients

OMAHA, Nebraska – Autumn Ochsner makes people feel more attractive. Once a month, she does this for free for a group of people who might use some sunshine.

“I donate my services to ladies with alopecia who require eyebrow reconstruction and to those with breast cancer who require areola reconstruction,” stated Ochsner.

Every first Friday of the month for the past six years, she has helped breast cancer patients restore their confidence at her Autumn Lee Artistry facility in Omaha. It is referred to as her Cherry Blossom Project.

It depicts both the beauty and fragility of existence.

In the previous six years, she has provided assistance to over 100 women, totaling over $50,000 in services.

Each woman has a unique tale.

“There are unfortunate cases. There was a girl who came in wanting only beautiful eyebrows after her passing. It’s a tragic situation. She was only 24 at the time… However, I also hear stories of success. Those are the ones I prefer to carry with me, and those are the ones I like to share with the other ladies I’m working with, because they need to hear it now.”

In 2018, Tracy Nourse got a double mastectomy. Now, she has been cancer-free for four years. However, she struggles with self-perception and confidence.

“When I awoke after that surgery and looked in the mirror, I exclaimed to my spouse, ‘I’m mangled.’ “From that point on, I never saw myself the same,” stated Nourse. I had requested my spouse at the time to simply remove the mirrors.

Ochsner is certified in areola reconstruction to assist ladies in this situation.

It will take months to construct that portion of Nourse’s chest safely. However, the procedure has now commenced.

Also lost to chemotherapy were Tracy’s eyebrows. Now she has reclaimed them.

“The finest part is when you finally get to see their face. When they get to witness the completed work. They receive a glimpse of their former selves. They weep. We share our tears. “It’s a great sensation,” Ochsner said.

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