Omicron wave seems to be the start of the real pandemic end, life to get back to normal sooner than expected

The latest analysis of coronavirus experts published by world media states that the end of the pandemic is in sight and that we could soon start living normally.

“It is almost certain that we are at the end of the pandemic, this is the beginning of the end, at least in the United Kingdom. “I think our lives will be almost completely pre-pandemic in 2022,” said Professor Julian Hiscoks of the University of Liverpool.

What is changing is our immunity. The coronavirus appeared in Wuhan two years ago and we were vulnerable then. It was a completely new virus that our immune system had no contact with, and we had no vaccines or drugs that could help fight it. The Covid-19 has exploded around the world, experts say.

Azra Ghani, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London, says we will quickly come to terms with the fact that we will no longer have to limit our lives, but the curse will still be between us.

“It seems we needed a lot of time, but only a year ago we started vaccinating and we are already much freer because of that,” she said. The only thing that can make the situation worse is a new strain that would surpass the omicron and cause a much more severe clinical picture. It is important to note that if the infection is endemic, it does not necessarily mean that the disease is mild.

“We have some really vicious deadly infectious diseases that we consider endemic. Measles has been endemic for millennia, but it still kills a third of all infected. “Malaria is endemic and causes 600,000 deaths each year.”

Some British experts expect that the restrictions will not be lifted, and mass coronavirus tests will end this year. It is almost certain that additional vaccines for the vulnerable will arrive in the fall to strengthen their protection during the winter.

“We have to accept the fact that the flu season will be a coronavirus season and that will be a challenge for us,” Gropelli said. It is important to note that poorer countries are still waiting for vaccines for their most vulnerable citizens – so some countries are not yet close to the end of the pandemic.

The World Health Organization has made it clear that the world is far from describing Covid-19 as endemic.

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