Omicron stays on plastic surfaces for about 193.5 hours, latest study from Japan shows

Japanese scientists have found that omicron manages to survive longer on human skin and plastic surfaces than previous strains of the coronavirus.

The researchers found that the omicron remained on plastic surfaces for about 193.5 hours, according to the bioRxiv website.

On plastic surfaces, the median survival time of the original coronavirus strain was 56 hours, that of alpha 191.3 hours, beta strain 156.6 hours, gamma 59.3 hours, and delta 114 hours.

On human skin samples, the mean coronavirus survival time was 8.6 hours for the original species, 19.6 hours for the alpha strain, 19.1 hours for the beta, 11 hours for the gamma variant, 16.8 hours for the delta, and – 21.1 hours for omicron.

The WHO has warned that the omicron strain is still dangerous and should not be neglected.

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