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Omaha’s Keystone Trail section to shut down in May.

Bikers and runners who frequently use the Keystone Trail in Omaha will be impacted by a month-long closure, as announced by Omaha Parks and Recreation. This closure is specifically slated for a section of the trail at Blond Street, which has been closed since May 1. This closure is essential as the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District will be making storm drainage improvements during this time.

According to the official statement released by Omaha Parks and Recreation, this section of the trail will remain closed throughout the majority of May and will only reopen on May 31, Wednesday. However, Trail users can make use of the stairs on the north side of Blondo Street to leave or get back on the trail. Afterward, they can proceed to use 85th Street, Western Avenue, and Hillside Little League Park to maneuver around the closed section.

Despite Omaha Parks’ proposed detour solution, the recommended detour path is not accessible due to the stairs. Consequently, users with disabilities will need to make use of an alternative path. Omaha Parks and Recreation encourages all trail users to plan accordingly as they navigate around the affected areas.

As a popular trail among bikers and runners, this closure will likely cause some inconvenience to regular users of the Keystone Trail. However, Omaha Parks and Recreation apologizes for the disruption, while emphasizing the importance of this closure to promote a better and safer user experience. Park officials are working hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout this time, and the trail is safe for all users when it reopens.

In conclusion, bikers and runners are advised to stay updated with any new information or changes by regularly visiting the official website. This closure is temporary and necessary to facilitate trail improvements that will accommodate users’ needs and promote the long-term sustainability of the Keystone Trail.

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