Omaha’s “Andy Reed” Reacts to Super Bowl Winning and Explains the Life of a Superfan

RALSTON, Nebraska (Nebraska) — If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll remember that last week we introduced you to a man from Ralston who is a huge fan of Chief’s head coach Andy Reed on our Instagram page.

We can say that it is strikingly similar to the icon of the leaders. And as the team prepares to celebrate in Kansas City on Wednesday, 3 News Now reporter Ron Johnson introduced us to him.

Let’s take a look at this similarity, can you guess which one is the real Andy Reed?


It can be hard to tell, and of course Jeff James loves it.

He’s been impersonating Reed for about a decade since he stumbled upon this. Before you ask, of course, he’s heading to Wednesday’s victory parade.

James went above and beyond when it came to copying Andy Reed’s wardrobe, he has hats, shirts, even a burger menu – if you know, you know.

3 News Now wanted to know if he was planning on running into other Andy Reed doppelgangers.

“Over the years, I’ve stumbled upon others doing the same, and we take a quick photo together, shake hands, and walk around and hang around and see fans,” James said.

He said that this image has many advantages, as one can imagine: he always takes pictures with people and accepts free things. He said he never paid for a beer while impersonating Reed.

When asked what he thinks of his doppelgänger, Mr. Reed, this is what James said:

“I have seen Andy be able to really pull the team together and launch offense with a great quarterback, even though we got rid of a few players over the years, like Tyreke Hill left last year. “He’s still attacking,” James said.

Omaha’s “Andy Reed” reacted to the Super Bowl


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