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Omaha weather forecast, winds expected


OMAHA, Nebraska – Overnight, there has been a gradual ascent in temperature, and the southerly breezes have started to build up.

Even though the temperature will be in the 20s when we get started, the wind chill will be closer to 10 degrees, so make sure to dress warmly for the morning.

Because of the strengthening winds, the temperature will begin to rise fairly fast, and by the time it reaches its peak, it will be in the upper 40s.

Today's Forecast in Omaha Metro
Today’s Forecast in Omaha Metro(TheSarpyCounty)

The winds will be gusty, with possible peak speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, beginning in the late morning and continuing throughout the afternoon hours.

The nocturnal hours are marked by the continuation of a respectable breeze, which prevents us from losing too much ground.

The temperature on Friday morning will be in the middle of the 30s, and the high will be very close to 60 degrees.

In the afternoon, a front will pass through, and immediately after it, the wind will shift to the northwest.

There will be winds of up to 50 miles per hour on Friday evening.

Friday Evening Wind Gusts
Friday Evening Wind Gusts(TheSarpyCounty)

This results in much colder air moving in for the weekend, with high temperatures only reaching the 30s on Saturday before returning to the 40s on Sunday.

The likelihood of precipitation will remain quite low throughout the following week, with the exception of a system that may bring a few showers on Monday and Tuesday.

As we move through the next ten days, temperatures are expected to continue to be just a little bit below average.

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